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Why is your online identity so important?

Let’s face it: your online identity DOES influence your professional and personal reputation. The lines between our online and offline worlds are virtually indistinguishable—and negative online content about you can ruin your reputation in both areas. That’s why it’s important to monitor your online reputation, and manage it carefully.

Who is googling you?

  • Potential employers
  • Potential landlords
  • Potential business associates, partners, or investors
  • Potential clients
  • Recruiters for businesses and schools
  • Curious friends and significant others—past, present, or potential
  • Family members

Numerous studies show that online reputation is particularly important to potential employers or business associates. Most companies have made online searches a standard part of their hiring process. Potential clients use Yelp or Google to decide whether to utilize your company’s services, or patronize your establishment.There is no doubt that negative online content has a significant impact on hireability and revenue.

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